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Seoul, Korea

37 story high housing project  total 757 housing units and community facilities

Client:          Dae-Sang CO.,LTD.

Completed:  DESIGN 2001 &  CONSTRUCTION 2004


Located in the densely developed residential district near Seocho-dong Hill, this project overcomes the pattern of repetition and disregard for living conditions characteristic of the surrounding housing blocks. In this project, outdoor spaces maintain a sense of nature and tranquility despite the urban density of the surrounding context. By lifting the building towers off the ground on piloti, the perception of a fluid, extended outdoor space is generated on the ground plaza level. A series of smaller gardens and larger scale gardens furnishes the rich landscape between and under the buildings. Not only a compelling image, this project serves as an architectural landmark that redefines the urban context and elevates the aesthetic standards of the existing area. Each tower building consists of a central stainless steel mass flanked by a green mass and blue mass of varied heights thereby creating a vision of subtly shifting masses that resolves the problem of the banal high-rise tower facade. 

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