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Lao Lao Bay Golf Resort


Client: Kumho


Lao Lao Bay Golf Resort consists of the remodeled existing clubhouse, new main clubhouse, 12 story high rise condominiums, guest houses, parking area and tropical theme water park, health club with spa. The project has been designed and sited to offer dramatic views of the shoreline and to protect the outdoor activity areas from strong winds.

 Three distinct shapes  - rectangular and flat roof, curved and sloped roof – distinguish the programmatic volumes in contrast to the natural setting.

Connecting the separate site and building circulation, the main vehicular entry porch canopy extends through the building as the public access gallery.


The main lobby consist of a high ceiling, a deep overhang that recalls traditional Saipan and Pacific Island Architecture, a shaded semi-outdoor, inviting and flexible space that connects the existing clubhouse, which has been renovated as restaurants, café and kitchen and new condominiums, provides ground-floor views to the golf course.  The lower level accommodates parking and service of golf carts, staff support spaces, offices, locker rooms and the main monumental stair.


Condominium towers designed as a dynamic, vertical, fluid landmark, and sited with maximum view orientation, single corridor and cross ventilation, to protect from strong wind.


Sweeping, curved roofs and fluid sculptural shapes reminiscent of ocean waves and sail boats are the primary expression of the project and demand continual interpretation or a new experience.


Flowing forms and manipulation of landscape suggest the notion of sailing over a land.

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